The long-term success of a vacancy goes far beyond a suitable CV and the right career move.

Employees who stay are those who have the right qualities for the post. Do you need a tough restructuring expert or a socially integrative change manager? A project manager who is well organized and who can keep track of big numbers, or someone creative who generates visions?

Filling a vacancy costs an average of €30,000. These costs arise due to the loss of know-how, temporarily vacant positions, the time you have to invest in training new employees, and the working hours of employees who help them out in the beginning. Planning is therefore an important factor for long-term posts in your company.

The qualifications of your future employee go far beyond a good CV, the perfect career path, or the right degree. In addition to professional expertise, employees who make the difference between good and excellent offer other characteristics as well, such as natural intelligence and a good cultural fit to your company.